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If you’re exploring your sexuality and you’ve decided to try out a multi-partner relationship, you may consider yourself a polyamorous beginner. You can learn more about what this means in our guide here — but if you’re ready to start seeking partners, you need a place to start downloading. After all, half the battle of being polyamorous person is finding ways to meet others that share your same sexual interests. And while there are a million dating sites and apps at our fingertips, there are very few that actually tailor to the poly community. Whether you’re looking for a casual hookup or a steady sexual partner (in addition to the one you already have), check out these poly-friendly dating sites to find just what you’re looking for. And if you’re lucky — more.

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How to Choose the Right Polyamorous Dating Site

Because there are plenty of feeling involved when you’re juggling the hearts (and bodies) of many people, before you start downloading anything, it’s important to ensure you’re clear on what you’re seeking in a relationship. Even if a polyamorous dynamic lends itself to flexibility and exploration, ensuring you treat your partner — or rather, partners! — with respect is still essential. Take time to dig a little deeper into your goals and intentions of joining a polyamorous site and decide what matters to you the most. Are you looking for a casual fling or purely x-rated time? Are you open to a friends-with-benefits that could lead to more? Or, are you seeking a serious commitment that could lead to a long-term affair? Once you’re set on these pillars, you can start browsing around these recommended apps. Make sure you can answer these questions before you begin the process of setting up a profile and messaging members:

  • What special activities would you like to try in the bedroom?
  • Are you open to both sexes — or do you have a preference?
  • Where would you like to see your polyamorous relationship go?
  • Are you browsing individually or as a couple?
  • How much money are you willing to spend?
  • How much time can you invest?

Answering these questions will make it easier for you to select an app below that best works for you and your situation.


While #Open is a newer app, it’s mission speaks volumes: It’s goal is to create open, honest connections, encouraging users to own their sexuality, fetishes, and desires. One of the nice things about #Open is that they offer a wide range of options of identifiers such as relationship styles, gender, orientation, and more,” Hunter Riley, Instructor of Mastering the BJ Interactive Skills and Manager of operations & outreach at Self Serve Toys shares. “You can even create a solo profile or a profile as a couple.” Even though there might not be a ton of users (yet), one thing’s for sure: All of the people using #Open are inclusive, meaning you won’t have to weed through the bad to find someone worth your time.



You’ve definitely heard of OkCupid before — but it might not be the first stop you think of for a polyamorous dating site. Think again! This one-size-fits-all site has different filters that allow it to become a welcoming place for multi-partner seekers. This is mostly due to their advanced searching feature that doesn’t discriminate against any type of desire, fetish or partnership. “You can filter to only see people who are interested in or open to non-monogamous relationships, and many people list their relationship orientation in their profile,” Riley tells us. “Plus, OkCupid has several questions about various forms of ethical non-monogamy and polyamory.” When it comes to the mainstream dating sites — think:, Bumble, and TinderOKCupid is by far the most poly-compatible since it asks users their sexual and relationship preferences right off the bat.

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Okay, okay — this isn’t just a site for kinky people. But it is one that caters to your kind of crowd. Fetlife is actually a great way to meet other poly people in your area that’ll help satisfy your needs. Riley makes it clear that FetLife is not a dating app, but actually “a way to use their group and event functions to find local meet-ups and other polyamorous people who might be looking to date.” Even if they’re not interested in dating per se, they might be interested in having a good time, which is definitely something. Especially for beginners, poking around on this site will help to answer your questions about polyamorous relationships and help you navigate this new uncharted territory.

Adult FriendFinder and FriendFinder-x

As one of the largest sites for casual encounters and hook-ups, you can expect to find anything and everything you desire on this website. Though there isn’t an app sadly, there are plenty of active member groups that cater directly to the poly sector. Once you create a profile and choose a membership level, you can begin to browse through forums and chats, where you’ll find plenty of folks looking for a third or singles like yourself. What’s nice about FriendFinder X and Adult FriendFinder is how anything goes, making it a welcoming, liberating place to be honest about what gets you ticking in a multi-partner relationship. These are also trusted within the swinger community, which is a big plus for anyone who is dabbling in a new arena.

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Also part of the Friend Finder community, this site is similar to Adult FriendFinder and FriendFinder X — but it’s a tad steamier. If you’re looking for a highly sexual encounter within the polyamorous world, this is a good place to start. After you go through the sign-up process (which can be a little confusing, so take your time!) — you can start to interact with niche groups that discuss desires and opportunities candidly. Though one drawback is that members aren’t forced to interact, so you might not always hit a homerun with matches, chances are high you’ll find a partner (or many) among the thousands of profiles. Members can also post a thread themselves in forums, so if there’s a kink you’re looking for specifically, don’t be shy!

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The name says it all: This site is made for folks — polyamorous or not — who are looking for hookups. Made especially for singles or people in committed relationships, this site gets you what you want, when you want it. Since there isn’t a verified matching algorithm, this site is focused mainly on looks and well, flirty messages. Want to take things offline? If you use the mobile app, you can easily arrange a meetup with another user. On this site, you can also search by various kinks and preferences, allowing you to cater to exactly the set-up you’re on the hunt for. While there is a paywall here to interact fully with members, for those who actively seek a unique partnership, like a polyamorous relationship, it’s worth the investment.

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Believe it or not, Tinder is a hub for, well, everything. And by that we mean: singles looking for dates, bachelors hoping for a relationship, and polyamorous couples and solos who want to play. Though it may not be pegged as multi-partner community, there are definitely profiles that explain in detail what they’re hoping to find within this flaming app. Make sure to fill out your own summary in a way that welcomes the polyamorous community by sharing your intentions — and perhaps, a sexy photo or three. Experts say there are plenty of frisky couples here, so Tinder may be best suited for solos looking for a fun time.

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If you’re looking for the number one dating site to fulfill your whims and needs, we recommend putting your energy into this top pick. Why is it so great for multi-partner setups? It’s one of the only dating sites made specifically for polyamorous people — so nearly everyone will be on your page. As you might expect from their name, OpenMinded thrives on openness and respect. In this case, most of the users are married or in a committed relationship but looking to spice things up. That means they’re looking to have a good time with no strings — or paperwork! — attached. All messaging and profile features are free but if you want to see who viewed your profile, you’ll have to pay up.


Plenty Of Fish (POF)

As one of the oldest dating sites, Plenty of Fish (POF) has a massive database of users from all over the world. What’s nice about these big numbers is how it ups your chances of meeting someone who shares your same desires. Though they don’t outwardly advertise themselves as a polyamorous dating site, there are many ways to finagle the search algorithm to find what you’re looking for. This could be by setting your goal as ‘casual’ and writing that you’re not monogamous in your profile. As a free dating website, you can easily find your way around and search to see if it’s the right spot for you — without spending a dime.

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The PolyMatchMaker

Welp, the name gets right to the point, doesn’t it? What we dig about this site is how intuitive and easy it is to navigate. You simply sign up, make a profile and start poking around (pun intended). Because everyone here is buzzing around seeking the same relationship, you won’t waste time or energy on those who aren’t serious. The only downfall is you can’t message anyone until you upgrade to a paying membership status. Though this investment does require your credit card, it’s better to fork over the cash on a polyamorous dating site that gets right to the point, like this one. Who knows, you may just find the love — or loves — of your life!


Ashley Madison

Though this affair-friendly site has had a poor reputation lately with data leaks — it’s still a popular destination for ahem, naughty experiences. What most people don’t realize about Ashley Madison is how it caters to the open-minded crowd or the sexually adventurous. There is a whole community of polyamorous couples and singles as part of the Ashley Madison realm, and it’s an active group that plays frequently. Because this app is now super-focused on security and discretion, rates have gone up. What you pay for is a curated crowd of matches who are equally as intrigued about multiple sex partners as you are. Ashley Madison is also known as a place where matches actually meet up, so you won’t have to spend too much time typing away what you want to do — and can spend more time, well doing it.



Looking for a quickie? Sign up, start flirting and get the polyamorous relationship you’re looking for (even for just a night). This site doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles, but that’s the point: it’s meant to be an instant engagement into whatever kink you’re in the market for. In addition to being a polyamorous dating site, it also welcome the LGBTQ community, singles over a certain age and all sorts of other demographics. Simply fill out a super-easy profile — and start hitting on the many people who share your desires.


Sometimes you want a romantic partner that will fill your emotional needs and be your go-to person through anything and everything life throws your way. You may also want a second mate that does the same, if you’re in a polyamorous dynamic. However, there are other times when you’re fueled by sexuality — and sexuality only. That’s where PURE comes in. Ideal for those looking for a casual fling, PURE’s purpose is well, pure. It encourages users to have fun and then “act like you’re strangers.” It’s described as “quick, direct, and discreet.” So, if you’re looking for a mere sexual adventure, then PURE’s your best bet. Anything more? Then move on.

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