The Best Dating Coaches in Los Angeles

The guide to a sunny dating life.

Best Dating Coaches In Los Angeles

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From the traffic and the smog to the ever-ending quest after ‘perfect’ — the City of Angels isn’t heaven for singles. In fact, it can feel quite the opposite as you compete against the beauty and brazen of the land. No matter if you live in Orange County, West Hollywood or Downtown, it can sometimes feel like no one of interest is ever within an Uber ride away. Luckily, this California city for the stars has dating coaches on hand to help you align your own. Matchmakers, wingmen, wingwomen and gurus like these are a smart place to turn if you feel like you keep hitting a wall. Perhaps one of these five superstars could be the answer you’ve been looking for:

1AJ Harbinger

For many men who keep striking out in the dating scene, the first step in making progress is swallowing their pride and admitting they need help. That’s where this dating coach got his inspiration for his company, Art of Charm. He adopts a ‘no shame’ approach to coaching men: encouraging them to dig deep and be candid about what’s holding them back. He helps men develop what he calls ‘Advanced Social Skills’ that are definitely appropriate for dating.

What he offers: While he does offer one-on-one coaching, he also hosts a ‘Bootcamp’ with many other dudes. This can be a little less intense and more interactive, making men feel less alone in their quest for a partner. You will not only live with these guys, but you’ll also learn from them and improve your charm factor together. If you aren’t in Los Angeles but still want to dip into his genius,

What clients rave about: ““Before I went to the Art of Charm, I went to Tony Robbins, I went to a few other self help seminars, and nothing compared to how great the Art of Charm was.” —Dave F.

Read more about him here: His bootcamp has been featured on NBC, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health and many others. Learn more about his success here.

2Amie Leadingham

As a perpetually single dater in Los Angeles for many years, Leadingham finally realized her ‘dater picker’ was broken. She wasn’t self-aware enough to select the right types of men and thus, kept coming up empty-handed. That’s when she took a break and discovered the concept of Conscious Dating. With this new approach, she stopped wasting her time on flakes and her confidence skyrocketed. Soon after, she met the love of her life. Through her company, Amie the Dating Coach, she helps others make the same transformation.

What she offers: Depending on your budget and goals, Amie offers a slew of options. These include live online dating classes, group coaching sessions and at the top-tier, private coaching. She also has a series of free videos that will get you inspired to dig deeper and be more mindful about who you say ‘yes’ to.

What clients rave about: “Amie is more than my dating coach, she is my life coach. She speaks very openly and honestly about all aspects of my life and constantly challenges me to grow as an individual. Within a month of working with Amie, I met the man of my dreams and now, two years later, he and I are awaiting the arrival of our twin daughters. Now, I reach out to Amie for ongoing advice about my career, family and relationship and truly don’t know where I would be without her. One session with Amie and you will see for yourself just how incredible she is.” —Nicole

Read more about her here: She’s been interviewed by Fox and People on-camera, and quoted in dozens of articles in Cosmo, Bustle and many others. Read more of her street cred here.

3April Beyer

For 20 years, April has been coaching and matchmaking elite men in Los Angeles. Though they were all relationship-minded, they somehow couldn’t snag the right woman to build their lives with. Blame it on a busy schedule, a toxic pattern or both, but with April’s help, 89 percent of her clients find love. To make a match, her company, Level Connections, factors in physical, emotional, intellectual and sexual chemistry, as well as lifestyle preferences and goals. Bottom line? It seems to be working.

What she offers: She offers services to both men and women, but only matchmaking to the guys. When the ladies join, they are screened and placed into an impressive database where they will only be paired with men who want to be in a relationship. Her one-on-one sessions provide guidance, break through mental hiccups and deliver results. In other words: with her catered help to your unique needs, you’ll be going on dates ASAP.

What clients rave about: “I’ve never been happier, April. Bulls-eye. Thank you with all my heart. Nicole is AMAZING.” —Jaiver

Read more about her here: April is known for her appearances on 20/20, Dr. Phil, VH1 and other talk shows. You can see some of her chats here.


4Allana Pratt

Part dating coach, part intimacy guru — Allana Pratt’s ethos on finding love is a bit untraditional. She believes that being fully in-tune with your desires, accepting of your individual sensuality and open to vulnerabilities is what makes or breaks your success in love. She’s a sought-after commentary for numerous on-air shows and a best-selling author. Her YouTube videos inspire both men and women to let their freaky little flags fly.

What she offers: Though she’s Los Angeles-based, she offers services to men and women globally. Via video or phone chats, she pushes her clients to breakthrough barriers and open themselves up to the ‘radical power of sexy love.’ If you’re someone who has been anxious about truly working through your issues, she can be your guide. 40% of Allana’s clients are men, who she helps by “curing their nice-guy” and “awakening their Noble badass” on

What clients rave about: “After 2 calls with Allana I have experienced a new sense of power and confidence that has changed my perspective on life and allowed me to move through the world in a more direct and powerful way. You’re amazing Allana, thank you for your playful attitude and helping me to be true to who I am.” —Ian

Read more about her here: She speaks to TLC, Fox and CBS, to name a few. To learn more about her long-winded quoting history in media, check this out.


5Gina Stewart

Remember when AOL was a thing? Gina Stewart does — and that’s how long she’s been coaching singles online. Her company, appropriately titled Expert Online Dating has become a valuable resource for singles near and far. Based in Los Angeles, she offers solutions to men and women, no matter where they are. The idea is to help folks strategize the blazing world of digital dating — and help all of those matches translate into love.

What she offers: In addition to a wide variety of guides, multi-week classes and other curriculum, Stewart also offers one-on-one coaching, profile makeovers and evaluations on and offline. Ideal for both sexes, she can coach every aspect of your interaction with a could-be partner: starting with the photos you pick, the words you write, the pick-up line you use and how you end the first date.

What clients rave about: “I trust Expert Online Dating expertise in the online dating landscape since without an online dating coach that landscape is an exponentially growing jungle maze that is mind confusing, emotionally draining, and sensory overload experience. EOD has been honest, reliable, responsible, responsive, accountable, dedicated and consistent with its professional services.” —Undisclosed name

Read more about her here: She’s been on GMA and quoted around the web. See more of her expertise here.


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