Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Schmooze Dating App

Schmooze: The New Dating App That Matches Singles Based on Memes

Dating apps do everything they possibly can to get people to show their true colors. On some of today’s most popular apps, you’ll find fun prompts to get the...
FODA in dating

FODA: The New Term That Sums Up Exactly How You Are Feeling About Dating...

Aside from the occasional virtual date or outdoor meetup, most singles have spent the last year waiting for the day that they could safely date again. As vaccination numbers...
Match summer of love

Get Ready: Match Tells Singles to Prepare for the “Summer of Love”

After being cooped up inside for what feels like forever, the idea of going out on a date — heck, even an awkward one — sounds like a dream....
belfies on dating apps

Butt Selfies (aka Belfies) Are Taking Over Dating Apps, New Survey Shows

When it comes to finding love or marriage on dating apps, pictures really are worth a thousand words. Sure, they can always backfire — say, if you’re the guy...

Hinge Launches Video Prompts to Help Keep the Conversation Rolling

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Video dating is here to stay. Even as states reopen and singles feel more comfortable meeting up for in-person dates,...
so syncd dating app

A New Dating App Uses Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type to Find Matches

When you get the results of a Myers-Briggs personality test, it’s almost as if everything about you — who you aspire to be, how you treat people in relationships...
tinder background check

You’ll Soon Be Able to Run Background Checks on Tinder Matches

It’s a scary, scary world out there — and while you may be tempted to just pretend it doesn’t exist, you have no choice but to face the (sometimes)...

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