Monday, April 12, 2021
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The Lox Club

The Lox Club Is The New Jewish Dating App With High Standards

Anyone who has made a round trip tour of today's most popular dating apps understands the importance of services vetting members to get better matches. eHarmony used to have...
Bald Dating App

Bald Dating App Helps The Follicly Challenged Find Love

Not to split hairs, but it seems like every other week a new niche dating site or hookup app is being launched somewhere, appealing to a specific sub-section of...

Tinder Releases Its 2020 “Year in Swipe” Dating Report

2020 was weird, this is undeniable and indisputable. We went from laughing at face masks, to matching our face masks to wardrobes. We went from having vibrant travel and...
Match.com Covid Dating

The Pandemic May Have Changed Dating Forever, According to A Match.com Study

2020 has forced everyone to accept the new normal, in one way or another. But all the hours spent alone, whether in an attempt to finish a 1000-piece jigsaw...
Fitify Dating App

This New Dating App Matches Singles Based On How Healthy They Are

When making a profile on a dating app or website, you do everything you can to put your best foot forward. Maybe you choose a photo that shows off...
String Dating App

There’s a New Dating App Where You Talk to Each Other Through Voice Notes

Gone are the days of getting the number of the person you're interested in and giving them a call to let them know that you're thinking of them. Now,...

You Can Now Go on Video Dates Directly on eHarmony 

2020 has tested our dating lives — as well as everything else. With all the time spent hunkered down at home, it’s understandable that many singles have turned to...

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