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New York City is legendary for being a tough place to find a meaningful relationship. Not only are many residents in love with the city, they’re also hyperfocused on their careers making it seemingly impossible to dedicate the time a couplehood requires. Plenty of city-slickers are also notorious for dating the same unavailable person over and over again — or can’t let go of a former crush who doesn’t feel the same way. Whatever your hurdle in the attraction process, there is an expert who can guide your path. From wingmen (and women) to matchmakers and online video gurus, check out these top-rated dating coaches in the one-and-only, NYC:

1Cher Gopman

You’ve probably heard of male wingman before (hello, Hitch) — but what about a lady who steps up to the plate? Sort of like the Robin to your Ted, this professional wingwoman has built a career of coaching men on how to be better. Her hands-on approach guides dudes through their weakness, encouraging them to build confidence and actually find a gal worth their time.

What she offers: She starts with an introductory session — and then the rest figures itself out. Once she understands your barriers and what’s keeping you from meeting someone or encouraging you to make the same mistakes, she can map out your game plan. This may include more one-on-one coaching, or even going to a bar to practice your skills. She caters each experience to the client, which is a mega-bonus for those men who need the attention. And if you’re not in NYC? No biggie. She also offers video chats.

What clients rave about: “I’ve said it a million times but I really do want to thank you. I’m extremely appreciative of your help. Hiring someone to coach me was a huge step for me, but I’m glad I did it. I thank you for all your support Cher. You’ve been a great coach and a caring friend. You’ve def made an impact. I am very appreciative of your help. I will 100% recommend your Wingwoman service!”

Read more about her here: She’s a regular on plenty of television programs — from Inside Edition to Fox 5, among others. Her advice has been quoted in top-tier publications, too — including Paper magazine and Bustle. Check out her wisdom here.

2Connell Barrett

The purpose behind hiring a dating coach is to change. Otherwise, why would it be worth your time and investment? That’s where this male dating coach got the inspiration for his company, Dating Transformation. His mission is to help guys who are usually put in the ‘friend zone’ meet and attract incredible women. He’s worked with hundreds of men but he’s also been in their shoes. In fact, he even married a girl only for her to leave him nine weeks later. Now, he takes his experience and turns it into success for others.

What he offers: To get things started, he offers a free one-on-one coaching session to better understand your struggles. From there, he’ll map out the most effective strategy for your pitfalls. He will continue working with you until you achieve the results you want, serving as your coach, wingman and well, friend.

What clients rave about: “I had taken a program with a popular dating company, and my results had gotten worse. When I reached out to Connell, I hadn’t had any luck in two months. I’d heard his coaching is very personalized, and it’s true. He gives guys a system designed just for them. I went out with Connell and damn – what a night! I hadn’t connected with a great girl in months, and my first night out with Connell, it all clicked. And within a week, I was dating three girls. Slump over!” —Brad

Read about him here: Though he’s been quoted in plenty of articles and writes his own blog on Medium — he’s most known for his appearance on Access Hollywood where he shed some insights. You can watch it here.

3Lori Zaslow and Jenn Zucher

This dynamic duo could be best described as unfiltered. They hit the topics that other coaches may shy away from, like explaining — point-blank — why you’re still single. Their company, Project Soulmate has a clear mission: help people cut through the toxic bull that’s keeping them from creating a solid, healthy relationship. No, they don’t promise it will be easy, but they do provide the tools to make it at least a little less painful.

What they offer: As they explain on their site, the process is well, simple. After meeting one-on-one with a potential client, they hand-select from their exclusive database of singles and set up the date — all you have to do is show up. They stress they’re more than a matchmaking service though: they also offer unlimited online dating advice and relationship support from the get-go.

What clients have raved about: “During my single days in Manhattan, I found it almost impossible to meet “the one”. Well, Jenn and Lori certainly solved my problem. I highly recommend them to all of the single people out there looking to get married. One day they may put all of the dating websites out of business!! We are thankful everyday for not only your friendship over the years but introducing the two of us. November 30, 2013 was the happiest day of our lives and we owe it all to you Jenn and Lori. We love you! —Jeff E. & Farrah F.

Read about them here: They’ve been featured in quite a few notable publications — from The New York Times and Forbes to Buzzfeed. You can read a plethora of their featured advice here.

If you’re looking for a ray of sunshine, this coach is your girl. Bubbly and enthusiastic, she helps her clients break through the endless, mindless game of swiping and hook-ups to find meaningful connections. How does she do this? Through her own experience: she’s a veteran of the cut-throat NYC dating scene and knows exactly what it’s like to find love in the city that is known for sleeping around. Did we mention she’s been doing this since she was 16 years old?

What she offers: She has two offers, depending on your budget, timeline and intention. You can either join her Date-A-Base (get it?) or sign up for custom matchmaking services. Either way, she’ll help you bring a bit more promise into an otherwise bleak dating experience.

What clients have raved about: “Bonnie Winston knows men and women and what works between them. She is great in getting to know her clients and what their needs and wants may be. She gives great advice along the way to lead you into the relationship you desire. She is a gem and great at what she does!” —Janie

Read about her here: Her list of press accolades is impressive to say the least: Hollywood Life, New York Post, Bustle and countless others. To browse through posts, check this out.

5Maria Avgitidis

Matchmaking runs in this dating coaches blood. In fact, she’s a fourth-generation matchmaker who has evolved traditional techniques into a modern world. Her company — Agape Matchmaking — has won several awards in a highly-competitive space. They’ve been in business for more than ten years and prescribe to the New Yorker’s lifestyle that’s overworked, stressed and fast-paced. Especially for those who feel burnt out of dating apps, Avgitidis and her team can step in and truly make a difference in your romantic fulfillment. After all, part of her genius is well, inherent.

What she offers: Starting from a meet-and-greet, Avgitidis will take the time to get to know you before diving into her vast pool of singles. With a robust, coveted network, she’s made hundreds of successful matches for her clients. In addition to her high-end matchmaking services, she also offers a ‘dating refresh’ that’s a little less intense or experience. If you’re worried about your style, her work also includes a wardrobe consultation and upgrade. Not sure about your online dating photos? She can also arrange a photoshoot.

What clients rave about: “Maria and the Agape match team are great! I cannot say enough! Working with Maria will change your life!  She is not just a dating coach but a life coach! She is no-nonsense but she is very compassionate as well. With Maria, I really stepped up my game. I was not only proactive but I dated smarter which lead to meeting my fiancé. I cannot thank Maria enough for everything!” —Mary

Read about her here: Considering her tenure, it’s no surprise she’s been featured in The New York Times, The Financial Times, Thrillist, Fast Company — and countless others. To read a few, click here.

Is there a New York City dating coach we need to know about? Or do you offer dating services in the Big Apple? Check out our expert directory and fill out a profile now.


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