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If you’ve tried dating online or IRL, chances are that you’ve leaned on your closest friends for their thoughts, opinions, and well, pick-up-line advice. There’s a reason why we call them wingmen (ahem, wingwomen), after all. But, what if there was an app out there that introduced you to hot singles that your besties approved of without having to deal with late-night phone calls, panicked text messages, or awkward screenshots? Enter Wingman.

The app, which launched in early 2018, combines the two things people need most: a new S.O. that their BFF not only approves of, but loves. Although it’s still new, the app is gaining traction: Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Mashable, and Bustle can’t stop raving about it. Some even call it “21st century matchmaking” at its finest.

The idea is simple: After creating an account for yourself, sign up your single, taken, or married friend and have them take the reigns. They’ll help find your diamond in the rough, introduce you, and let the magic happen. And sure, you’ll probably consult your friend for top tips on how to break the ice or what to wear on their inevitable first date, but that’s nothing your #1 matchmaker can’t handle, yeah? Because “friends know you best” — at least that’s what Wingman believes.

How to Sign Up

Wingman makes it easy to set up an account — but, really. First, set up an account for yourself: Connect your account with Facebook (This speeds up the process!) or go old-school by using your phone number. Before you can customize your profile, you must verify your account with an SMS code. As you fill out the information on your profile — name, birthday, email, and photo — the app notifies you that information will not be shared “until you decide otherwise.”

And, now it’s time for the fun part. Next, the app asks: “Are you finding a match for your friend … or yourself?” If you’re looking for a friend, add them by name or number. For yourself, choose a wingman, whether they’re already on the app or otherwise. Then amp up your profile by selecting your gender, gender preference, city, and filling in the about me section. And if you’re matchmaking for a friend, then you’re in charge of making their profile so, choose your words wisely.

What to Expect With Wingman

Pro: User-friendly

At first glance, the app is extremely straightforward and visually appealing. Some older apps and dating websites (think: eharmony and have more steps between you and your future beau. While some may like the lengthy questionnaires, Wingman uses it a fast-approach so that you (and your friends!) don’t have to waste any more time. The structure itself is similar to Tinder: While swiping through your potential mates, swipe right if you’re interested or left if it’s a no-go. And if you accidentally pass through a profile before you give it a good look, simply shake the phone to bring the profile back to your screen. Although you initially only see the person’s name, age, location, and photo, you can click on the photo for an expanded profile.

Pro: Unique friend-focused approach

This app is clearly made by friends for friends. Even though the app is about finding love (or a hookup, your call), it also encourages friends to compete to be the best matchmaker. Friendly competition, don’t ya say? When you wingman (or wingwoman) sets up matches, they’ll earn a point on the leaderboard. Along the same lines, if you’re supposed to be matchmaking for a friend but find someone that catches your eye (It happens, okay?), you can “nudge” your friend to suggest a match. That way it takes the ball out of your court, and lets you lean on your #1 pals to do the dirty work.

Pro: Friends = your biggest advocates

If someone asked you to describe your best friend, you could talk for days. When it comes to yourself? That’s a different story. Since, sadly, you didn’t take a college course in Dating Profiles 101, Wingman gets your friends to take on the toughest task. And trust us, they won’t have as hard of a time finding a million and one ways to describe just how awesome you are. Once your profile is set, they’ll even introduce you to any potential mates, which means it’s entirely up to them whether they’re #teampickupline or #teamnopickupline.

Con: Users Report Bugs (like, a lot of them)

Since the app is still fairly new, several users report that they’ve experienced a number of bugs. The most common complaints are: The app randomly closes, changes location, or doesn’t narrow the location or age even after being prompted. While the higher ups at Wingman claim they’re working hard at resolving these issues, it’s annoying nonetheless. (For what it’s worth, I signed up for the app and haven’t experienced any bugs … yet.)

Con: Small Pool to Pick From

Let’s just say after swiping through 11 — count ‘em, 11 — guys, I had already exhausted my options for the afternoon. Depending on your location, Wingman might not necessarily have a huge presence. That means there will be less potential matches. FYI, I live in New York City so, there’s that.

Con: Can’t Choose Your Own Matches — Ever

Even if you swiped by the man of your dreams, you have no control over the situation. And while it makes sense that you’d sign up for the app to let your friends take the wheel, it’s still frustrating when you don’t even have the chance to match yourself. No one knows you better than you know yourself, right? Right.

What Users are Saying

This is such an interactive app that allows both single and married individuals to take the part in the art of matchmaking. Not only have I met my longtime girlfriend through it, but I’ve set up a few of my friends through it who are still going strong in their relationships. It works!”
“I want to love this app but it has some kinks that need to be worked out. It’s not very user-friendly. They should do more advertising to get people on the app!”
“Great app! Everyone here has a kind purpose: to help their own friends find love. There are no scams or fake profiles.”

Tips for Success

Choose your friends wisely.

Unlike other dating apps, Wingman isn’t about what you want — it’s about what your friends want for you. That means that if you want a top-notch lover, you have to pick the best matchmakers. Only choose matchmakers that you’d listen to IRL. You know, the ones that you’ve turned to for dating and relationship advice in the past.

Be patient.

Because there’s a smaller pool to pick from, it’s important to not give up just because your wingman (or wingwoman) isn’t finding your perfect someone. True love — and dare we say, matchmaking — takes time. As the community grows, so will your opportunity to find a soulmate. In the meantime, you never know who you’ll stumble across.

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  1. The team from Wingman provided these comments on our review:

    On our con ‘Small pool to pick from’:

    As we’re a growing platform, we are working on increasing our user pool so you will be seeing more people closer to you and anyone you choose to Wingman for.

    On our con ‘Can’t choose your own matches’:

    We recently brought in a feature that allows a you/a single to bypass their wingman and introduce yourself ????, so you don’t need to rely on them making every introduction. However our research shows that introductions made by a wingman, get a much higher acceptance rate.

    Within the app there are 2 modes. ‘Wingman mode’ and ‘looking for yourself’ mode. You can switch between the two at any time, and add more or less single friends or wingmen/wingwomen to help you. So you can make matches for your friend or yourself if you wish.


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