Millennial Women Have More Sex But Fewer Orgasms

Big O-no!


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Every generation has a different approach toward the horizontal tango. While the 50s were more muted and traditional, the 60s ignited the wild-thing, free-spirited mindset that danced right through the 70s. In the 80s, as women doubled-down on their effort to be equals in the workforce, they followed suit in the bedroom. And since the 90s, the discussion of sex — and all of its kinks and protocols — has been a topic of debate among friends, psychologists and communities. These days, casual sex isn’t as hush-hush, especially with the onset popularity of hook-up apps like Tinder, Grindr, and others that offer a hook-up on demand.

But even if the current generation is lax about sexual partners and gives permission to both sexes and all orientations to explore their desires — that doesn’t directly translate into satisfaction. At least according to one study conducted by sex toy retailer, Lovehoney.

In celebration of Sexual Happiness Day (technically on April 21, but we think it should be something to prioritize every damn day), they released the results of their recent global research. The goal was to not just ask folks to tally up how many times they’re getting frisky — but to rate their performance and level of content, too.

They discovered that while millennial women — aged 18 to 25 — are having twice as much sex as older ones, they’re not orgasming as frequently. Though 36 percent did say they reached climax every time they had sex — that’s nothing compared to those 45-and-older women who had the big-O 63 percent of the time.

Sure, it’s a bit depressing to think of the romps that weren’t that great for the ladies — but it is a lesson on education and communication within relationships. No matter if it’s a one-night deal or one-year-and-counting situation. Both males and females are inexperienced in the bedroom at this age, which makes it even more important to be frank about how you’re feeling when you’re feeling it.

By instructing partners on what they like, what doesn’t work and what goes too far, they will ultimately have a better romp. As a Lovehoney spokesperson shares, they’re already halfway there by feeling empowered to have sex as they wish. “It is great to see Millennials are having sex far more frequently than previous research has suggested. They are using sex positively to boost their levels of self-confidence and escape the stresses of modern life.”

Now, it’s time to up the ante and challenge male partners to step up to the plate to perform. Though it definitely takes two to make it a success, men should enjoy the feedback and make her pleasure their goal. Ladies might not be comfortable chatting with their mom about this ordeal — but perhaps an older aunt could be the right confidante. As the spokesperson added: “They could certainly learn a trick or two from older people about increasing their levels of sexual satisfaction and orgasm frequency. The extremely high scores for sexual happiness in the over-45s show how experience can enhance stimulation and improve bedroom performance.”


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