Men Are Biologically Programmed To Prefer These Female Attributes

And you probably don’t even realize it.


(Last Updated on June 3, 2019 by Datezie Editors)

No matter how modern dating has become (looking at you, dating apps galore) — there are certain aspects that remain animalistic. In fact, the reason you’re attracted to some women — and not to others — can purely be linked back to your chemical makeup. In fact, according to a recent interview with women’s and gender studies expert, Dr. Midge Wilson from DePaul University— when you do a once-over a woman, you’re looking for signs of fertility. Or as she puts it: “reproductive fitness assessment.”

Come again?

Basically, you’re attracted to women who look as if they can carry you children. Even if you are mile away from even thinking about knocking up a lady, your body wants to pair with someone who is a Fertile Myrtle. If you follow the logic of Dr. Wilson, there are six specific things you’re scanning for — consciously or not:

1: A wider waist-to-hip ratio.

Well, you know where babies come from, right? Dr. Wilson notes the A+ figure is 7:10, sort of like an hourglass shape. You may have loved big butts and didn’t know why — but now you do.

2: A higher voice.

It might seem crazy, but your mind associates a higher pitch with a slim figure. Perhaps it’s because it comes across as more feminine?

3: Long, shiny hair.

Nah, it’s not just because you find it sexy. Or perhaps, you want to tug on it during foreplay. More so, Dr. Wilson suggests men prefer longer locks because it signifies health — another promising point for reproduction.

4: White teeth.

If your partner can’t take care of themselves — how will they fend for your babies? White teeth is associated with a commitment to oral hygiene, something Dr. Wilson says all men take note of.

5: Less makeup.

Even if she didn’t quite wake up beautiful — you probably want her to appear that way when you see her. Another indicator of health and a look into genetic makeup — no pun intended — Dr. Wilson says men want women to wear 40 percent less gunk than most do.

6: Lady in red.

This one might be a little more straightforward: red is sexy. And it reminds you of getting it on. So when you see a woman in this shade, you’re drawn to her.

Next time you’re scoping out the watering hole — er, the bar — see what you pay attention to. Your gut intuitions may surprise you.


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