It’s Not Just Winter That’s Coming

For the GOT couples out there.


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For those couples who have dedicated years of their lives to the HBO’s cult-following Game of Thrones — it’s a very sad time. The third leg of their relationship is coming to an end after this season, and fans everywhere have blocked off every Sunday to savor every last gory, sexy, intense moment. While it might seem a bit #cray that a TV show could have a significant impact on romantic interactions, research says it’s not all that surprising.

Scientists at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland (because of course, it has to be in Scotland) looked into the impact of binge-watching and reading books with your partner has on your connection. What they found is interesting: the characters within the series become sort of like ‘mutual friends’ — in the sense that you can talk about them. Though, sure, they’re fictional, it opens up a space for communication as you share your various perspectives, predictions and experiences. Similar to how you will update your partner with the latest news about a shared pal, you do the same with those on the silver screen.

In short, even though GOT is watched by millions and best-sellers wind up on everyone’s Kindle — researchers suggests you and your number one create your own little world. That’s why so many couples either A— refuse to watch the show without one another, and B—most of the time, without anyone else around. It’s not private — but it is intimate.

Another less-scientific approach by OkCupid looked at what it’s like to be single and a GOT fan, since hey, you don’t have a couch buddy. (Other than your cat of course, womp.) They released a badge that allows users to display their obsession with Game of Thrones on their profile, in an effort to attract someone who is on their team. They then took it a step further and asked which GOT couples represent their relationship goal: Brienne and Tormund? Jon and Ygritte? Khal Drogo and Daenerys? Or Ned and Catelyn? According to their data, you can tell a lot about a bachelorette or bachelor based on their choice.

Here’s what they concluded:

Brienne & Tormund:

-You probably challenge gender roles in relationships.

-You don’t really care about astrological signs.

-You’d never be into an open relationship.

-You’d probably say ‘nope’ to a long-distance relationship.

Jon & Ygritte

-You like to argue — and the make-up sex that follows.

-You’re cool with a long-distance relationship.

-Space is best in a couplehood, since it gives you time to miss one another.

-You might be okay with an open relationship, or at least try it.

Khal Drogo & Daenerys

-You keep to pretty traditional gender roles.

-You’re the least likely of all to sign up for a long-distance love affair.

-You hate to argue with your partner, and want to share values.

-You’re probably a fan of one-night stands.

-…and you’re fine with splitting the bill on a date.

Ned & Catelyn

-You want a relationship that lasts forever and ever.

-You’re ready for love.

-You don’t want it open or complicated — but committed.


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