Forget Mindless Swiping: This New Dating App Is Formatted Just Like TikTok and Snapchat 

feels dating app

(Last Updated on June 15, 2021 by Datezie Editors)

Pictures can say a thousand words unless they’re on a perfectly curated, crazy over-filtered dating profile. When you add videos and funny prompts into the mix, you can gain a little more insight about the person in front of the camera. Before Snack, the buzzy TikTok-inspired app, came onto the scene, there was Feels, a dating app with an interface full of Snapchat-style stories and TikTok-adjacent videos.

On Feels, you’ll still find the clever prompts, witty replies and photos like most other dating apps. The difference: Here, the pictures, videos and answers to pre-written questions fill the whole screen. You browse through a profile by tapping on the left or right side of the screen, similar to Snapchat Stories. The sign-up process, which can take up to 15 minutes from start to finish, lets you tailor your profile to fit your needs by adding a combination of videos, text with stickers, photos and more. 

The real fun happens when it’s time to start looking for a match. As you work your way through the other singles on Feels, the other profiles will fill up your entire screen. Similar to TikTok, videos will immediately start playing and you can choose to comment on the profile you see or react with an emoji (heart eyes, FTW), or simply move on to someone new by swiping up. Unlike most other apps, swiping right or left doesn’t indicate whether you’re interested or not. Plus, there isn’t a heart or like button to default to like traditional social media sites. 

If you go on the Feels website, you’ll get a glimpse of what the so-called “non-boring app” is all about. As soon as the homepage loads, a video of 20-somethings dancing in a crowd immediately starts to play. On top of the video, they spell out Feels’ motto with the following description: “not a dating app, just relaxed relationships without rules or labels, without societal pressure, paternalistic injunctions or traditional norms.”

The app is still relatively new to the United States, so you may quickly swipe through all of the singles in your area. To date, they have over 100,000 members around the world and the number continues to grow by the day. So, if you give it a try now, stick with it to see if things pick up speed. Ready to jump in? Download the Feels app for free in the App store or Google Play


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