The Best Speed Dating Services

No more swiping — it’s time to meet IRL.

The Best Speed Dating Services

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Sometimes, the act of swiping left and right can feel, well, gross. And after hours of messaging someone, it can all end in a very confusing, very disappointing instant. But, let’s face it, the notion of going out in public and finding your soulmate sounds just as difficult. That’s why speed dating services exist, and are still as popular as ever.

These top-rated services, including MyCheekyDate, Cityswoon, and OnSpeedDating, do all the dirty work for you and let you just mix, mingle, and potentially find your one and only. There are organized events scattered around the map, making it easy and accessible to find your match without the fear of catfishing or insincerity. On top of that, the stakes are low: Even if you don’t meet your special someone, you get an excuse to dress up, down a few drinks, and socialize with other singles in your area.

No matter if you prefer a themed dating experience or simply want a massive pool to pick from, take a look at the best speed dating services out there: 



Diverse crowd of different ethnicities, gender preferences, and interests. Six to seven minutes of speed dating with anywhere from 16 to 40 singles. Prices for speed dating events vary by location, but start as low as $24.70
  • There are thousands of speed dating events happening weekly around the globe, which means there are plenty of options to find your match. 
  • There are no guarantees that you’ll match with someone, making it a risky, potentially unsuccessful dating option. Not to mention that it can be an ego blow if you aren’t ranked in anyone’s top five. 

MyCheekyDate, like the name implies, originated in the United Kingdom as a “low, key sophisticated approach to dating.” The speed dating events, which take place in roughly 60 cities around the world, follow the less is more approach. Their philosophy: “Meeting your special someone shouldn’t be anything but a comfortable and relaxed experience.”

When you purchase a ticket for one of the speed dating events through MyCheekyDate or EventBrite, you will receive a confirmation email with specifics about the venue, menu, and more. Then it’s time for the fun: Once there, you’ll have six to seven minutes to talk with each single. Event sizes range, so you may talk to anywhere from a dozen potential matches to 40. Each single is given a scorecard to keep track of the people they vibed with as well as standout details about each single (their job or favorite hobby, for example). At the end of the event, you can pick up to five singles that you’re interested in for a potential Date-Mate. If, and only if, the other single ranks you in their top five, MyCheekyDate will connect you via email within 24 hours of the event. Unlike other speed dating services, it’s the end of the road for you at MyCheekyDate if you don’t make a match — unless you opt to pay for another speed dating event. 



Divided by age group  and handpicked by Cityswoon, based on their algorithm that uses  your dating profile to identify matches.10 to 12 minutes of speed dating with six to eight singles, with the option to continue conversation on the messaging app afterward. $18 for Cityswoon members; $39 for public.
  • They use an algorithm to determine matches ahead of time, so there’s a better chance that you’ll meet the perfect someone at the event.
  • It’s pricier than other speed dating services (unless you’re willing to pay for a membership). 

Considered to be modern-day’s adventure dating, Cityswoon holds several events in cities nationwide for singles looking to give speed dating a try. Each week, they hold a handful of events — three on average — for singles new to their service and matched singles looking to take their relationship to the next step. 

It’s a two-tier approach: Start with Speed Dating 2.0 (also called Matched Dating and Date Night, depending on your city), which uses your smartphone to guide you from one single to the next at a top-tier venue. After Cityswoon sends you a picture of your date they’ve hand-selected for you based on their algorithm, you chat with them for 10 -12 minutes and move on when the next single pings you. Once the night wraps, you have the option to continue the conversation with six to eight singles until you find the best match, based on your personal interest and Cityswoon’s algorithm. Of course, if you don’t feel the sparks with any other singles, you can attend other Cityswoon speed dating events or try out their online dating feature. 




Each speed dating event is tailored to specific age groups, genders, and romantic interests. Speed dating events vary in size and formality, too. 3-minute speed dating rounds with at least 10 singles. Events start at $20, depending on location and crowd size. 
  • If you’re into a specific type, then there’s a speed dating event tailored to your interests — physical or personality-wise.
  • There are several events based on looks (Slender 4 Tall Night, for example), which may feel too surface-level for some. 

You’re not basic — and your dating life should reflect that. OnSpeedDating, which is currently available in New York City and Austin, leans into the niches that some people are looking for, based on looks and personality (think: geeky girls or men over 6 feet tall). Pick a speed dating event that best suits your interests, meet 10 – 15 singles in over the course of one night, and see where it takes you. 

In fact, they take their dating pool so seriously that OnSpeedDating has a “10-date guarantee or get your money back” policy. Although they don’t vet singles beforehand (Keep in mind that some events have up 150 singles in attendance.), OnSpeedDating will also send out an event credit to any attendees if they feel like the dating pool wasn’t up to par. 

There are no bells and whistles here: OnSpeedDating keeps it old-school, organizing three-minute dates with singles until they feel like they’ve met their match. At the end of the event, singles pick their matches on the website and everyone will be notified immediately if they’re selected as a match — no waiting required.

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