This App Will Tell You If Your Love is Written in the Stars

Ready to be struck? 

Struck App

(Last Updated on December 9, 2020 by Datezie Editors)

When I was single and excited about a potential new partner, my mother would never ask me about his name. Or his profession. Or his family. Nope, her only concern? His birthday. As an avid believer in astrology and a practicing astrologer, I’ve grown up hearing strange phrases. Just think: ‘Your moon is in the third house of something, so don’t get in a fight with your friends’ or ‘Watch out, Mercury is in retrograde in your house of careers, so you shouldn’t sign a contract for the next 13 days.’ 

Like most children with their parents, I’ve let this information slide from one ear out to the other. But sometimes, my mother is surprisingly—if not eerily—accurate. She’s predicted many significant life changes, been right about every bad date, and even about my long-term partner, whose star sign she approves. (Thank goodness.) 

If you, like my mom, adhere to the design of the solar system, there’s now an app that can help you find your star-mate. Introducing, Struck, an astrology-based dating community that goes deeper than pairing you with a Cancer because you’re a Leo. Instead, your sign-up process includes a natal birth chart reading. If you’re not familiar, this is almost as if someone hit ‘pause’ on the planets the moment you were born. How they are positioned determines many aspects of your personality. 

As an example, I’m a Virgo, which makes me organized, caring and a perfectionist. However, my moon is in Scorpio, and our moon dictates our emotions, so I can become easily jealous, and I’m incredibly passionate by nature. Our Venus represents our home life and how we are in relationships, and mine is in Leo. This means in a love circumstance, I want to be adored by my partner, and I’m affectionate and enthusiastic. 

Don’t worry—you don’t need to have all of this information in your back pocket like I do. (Thanks ma.) By inputting your date of birth, time of birth and location of birth, Struck creates your chart for you and will provide all of the in’s and out’s of your planetary influences. But what’s even more impressive is they take this data, and pair you with someone who aligns with you on all levels.

Talk about an upgrade from Tinder or Hinge, where looks reign supreme.

As you can likely predict, it’s tough to find a match compatible with an emotional, career, home and every other perspective. Because they want twosomes to have the best shot at success, Struck only provides four matches per day. The hope is that these will be higher-quality, rather than playing a number’s game.

Though Struck is only available for iPhone users in specific neighbourhoods in California, they’re expanding throughout the year. Ready to have your stars read? Sign up now—or request they come to your city soon. 


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