Calling All Single Parents: This App’s For You

Or if you'd like to be a mom or dad one day.


(Last Updated on December 9, 2020 by Datezie Editors)

While plenty of conversations are fair game in the initial stages of online dating—the weather, your job, what you’re doing Friday night—others feel a bit pushy. Like, say, women who discuss their ticking uterus. Or men who are approaching 40 and would like to become fathers sooner than later. For those who consider having a family a deal breaker, there’s never been a comfortable place to put those cards on the table from the get-go. Until now.

Recently three dads decided to try their luck in the niche dating world and create heybaby. It’s a destination for single parents and for those who would like kids. In a press release from the company, one of the founders Chas McFeely shared their desire to make a taboo topic easier: “Despite the popularity of dating apps, the reality is that talking about the desire for children or existing children from previous relationships remains a fraught topic that is tough to broach when potential couples are meeting for the first time or in early days of dating.”

When you first sign-up for heybaby, you’ll be prompted to go through a series of questions about your current situation, and where you’d like to be in a few years. Maybe you have a teenage son who’ll be off to college soon, or you just turned 35, and you would love to be a parent in the next year. Whatever the case, heybaby is a safe app to disclose your hopes and dreams. After all, not everyone on a dating app wants a one-night stand or a casual set-up. Many are looking for a partner for the long haul—including children.

“While we’ve seen more specialized apps enter the market for people looking for serious relationships, they don’t address some of these crucial topics,” another founder Rene Van De Zande wrote in the press release. “The worst thing for someone who has kids or wants them is to enter a relationship, only to find out they don’t share a vision of the future with their prospective partner.”

Currently, the app is only available on San Francisco for iPhone users. The team intends to expand throughout the United States this year.


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