Here’s the Right App to Download If You Want to Be Friends First

Baby steps.

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(Last Updated on March 9, 2020 by Datezie Editors)

When singles run out of energy to put up with (yet another) failed first date, they often turn to pals to introduce them to potential matches. The trouble though, is ‘meeting through friends’ is becoming less and less common, as an estimate 1 in 5 couples found each other online. However, there are still some schools of thought that believe slow dating, courting and getting to know each other sans-romance is a healthier way to begin a relationship. 

And that’s exactly where Friendable is putting their money, as they prepare to make major improvements to their dating app. While the company has been around for years, they only recently dabbled into the world of romance when they launched the first version of their app in 2019. With all of their products—including a website for finding like-minded people in your area and another website to connect with artists and events in your city—they’ve built a community of more than 900,000 registered users. Their dating app attracted more than 100,000 since its inception, and it’s hoping to double (and triple) that with the latest release of their app, coming out this spring.

However, they’re doing the Hinge route by creating a paid-only experience they hope will encourage recurring subscriptions. To do this, they’re setting the rate lower than competitors, yet they haven’t released just how much it will be.

“More and more dating options continue to take center stage as the digital age continues to drive interaction, meet ups and love connections online. Friendable continues to attract users that feel ‘Everything starts with Friendship,’ which is what our app is all about,” Robert A. Rositano, Jr., the CEO Friendable, Inc shared in a press release.

Their hope is to stand out in the noisy dating app space by encouraging users to connect deeply on shared interests and hobbies, which is a nod to their earliest days of inception. Considering the market is large and users are willing to spend cash to find love, they want to create a community that zeroes-in on friendship first. 

“Friendable has spent many months identifying features, rebuilding and positioning our new app and we believe we have the correct design, features and incentives to deliver paying subscribers to the Friendable app in short order. Stay tuned as our next step is the submission of the apps for approval in the Apple and Google Play stores,” Rositano, Jr. added. 

What do you think? Can they make the friends-with-no-benefits stick?


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