You Can Now Go on Video Dates Directly on eHarmony 

A sign of the times, eh?


(Last Updated on December 9, 2020 by Datezie Editors)

2020 has tested our dating lives — as well as everything else. With all the time spent hunkered down at home, it’s understandable that many singles have turned to dating apps and sites to find love (or at the very least, a quarantine buddy). But going on a date IRL with a stranger during times like these? That may not be the smartest — or safest — option.

Luckily, eHarmony makes it possible for you to go on dates without even leaving your home. Say goodbye to all of your first date woes — Who pays? Dinner or movie? Are end-of-date kisses acceptable? — while still taking your relationship to the next level with the site’s new Video Date feature.

Anyone with a premium membership can initiate a video date. And since there aren’t any strings attached, you can initiate a video date after exchanging a few messages back and forth — even mere minutes after you meet, if you want to get the ball rolling. But note: If the conversation has been one-sided, eHarmony won’t approve a video date, since they want to make sure both parties are interested. 

Here’s exactly how to Video Date on eHarmony

If both users are on the eHarmony site or have the eHarmony app open on their phone, you can request to Video Date with their match. The other person has the option to accept or reject the Video Date. If they accept the date, just make sure you both have your cameras and microphones turned on, so you can get the full experience. There isn’t a time limit, so you don’t have to worry about eHarmony booting you off at any point.

Since safety is a top concern for eHarmony, keep in mind that you have the ability to end calls if things ever take a turn. You can also block users or report their profile by contacting the customer service team. That’s just the worst-case scenario, though. 


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