There’s a New Dating App Where You Talk to Each Other Through Voice Notes

No more awkward texts. 

String Dating App

(Last Updated on December 29, 2020 by Datezie Editors)

Gone are the days of getting the number of the person you’re interested in and giving them a call to let them know that you’re thinking of them. Now, we have more instantaneous — albeit, less personal — ways to get the conversation rolling: texting, messaging directly on dating apps, sending Snapchat photos, crafting messages with emojis and GIFs, and so forth. But despite all of these technological advances, some people still like to kick it old-school, especially when it comes to dating. That’s where String comes in.

This new dating app lets users strictly talk to each other through voice messages —no awkward text messages are required. Once users land on a match, they have the option to record and send voice notes back and forth. The result? A more genuine conversation. Unlike most other dating apps, this talk-only option isn’t as edited or watered down — just click, talk, and send. 

“The idea came about as a result of using dating apps and realising it’s pretty difficult to get your whole personality across through text messages,” co-founder Tinashe told The Tab. “Texting a friend is easy and feels natural because you already know them and understand their personality, sarcasm, and jokes. But doing the same with a stranger you’ve never spoken with is a lot more difficult.”

When sending a message, they encourage users to talk to their match as if they were sitting across them in a bar. And while you may not have been to a bar in a while, String will mimic the experience: Work your way through ice breakers before digging into more in-depth conversations. Once you feel like you’re onto something, move forward with an in-person date, if it’s safe to do so. 

Right now, String has a relatively small user base (bummer, we know), but it’s growing by the day. Here’s what to expect when you download it for free on the App store: A large percentage of the current users are women, making it perfect for any singles seeking a lady in their lives. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get talking!


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