There’s Now A Dating App For Cows

Breaking MOOws!


(Last Updated on June 3, 2019 by Datezie Editors)

Everyone needs a little lovin’. And by everyone, we mean every species. Though there is already a dating app for dogs, one for cats and another for introverts… digital dating has now been brought to the… farm. For those cows who haven’t had much luck in their field, they can now search for greener pastures and better, more suitable mates. After all, every cow has a preference on the size of udders, the number of black spots and how long it takes a cow-chelor or cow-chelorette to digest their grub.

Okay, maybe not — but that’s definitely what we were envisioning with the latest technological news that marries farming and dating apps in a moo-utiful harmony. Appropriately — and hilariously! — called Tudder, the download is mostly for farmers who are trying to find the best mates for their cattle. No, you won’t learn if the lady cow prefers green or slightly-brown grass on a first date, but rather, more about milk yield, protein content and her likelihood of getting knocked up.

Since every farmer worries about the longevity of his or her livestock, having a site completely dedicating to profiling their herd alleviates worry and allows them to reproduce easier. When Farmer Joe or Jane logs on, they’ll be able to select if they’re in the market for a male or a female cow, and just like on Tinder, swipe right or left until they find a moo-atch.

The app itself is the mastermind of, which Oddee reported has listed an astounding $64 million-worth of livestock, bedding, feed and other must-have farming goods. They house the data that farmers actually need to know to pair ready-to-mingle cows, making it a one-stop shop for keeping their workplace up and running. In an interview with Oddee, a cattle farmer and Tudder user James Bridger shared, “You’ve got all this data of its background and everything which if you’re at a market you might not have had the time to go through for every single random animal.”

And just like singles worry about catfishing, farmers worry about cow-fishing. But with Tudder, the images that’s posted is what you get, allowing these hard workers to rest easy. “There’s nothing better than seeing an animal in its home, its natural habitat, rather than putting it on a lorry … if someone rings up and wants to come and have a look, or even getting it from the picture, it’s ideal really from that respect, and they’re happier for it,” Bridger added.

If you ever decide to make a career shift and build a cattle farm out in Texas, at least you know there’s probably a moo-mate out there for you. Happy trails, cowboy.


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