Marrying Couple Opts To Be Trio, Enters Into A Polyamorous Relationship With Their Bridesmaid

Spoiler: Hubby was cool with it.


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As — hopefully — you know by now, there is no perfect one-approach-fits-all to relationships. Conversations around LGBTQ couples, as well as polyamorous groups have grown mainstream and accepted over the past decade. Of course, we’re fans of anyone finding love in any way that makes them happy — but this story is one of those that keeps your jaw dropping with every twist and turn. Allow us to break it down for you:

At the ripe age of 22 years old, Karalyn Henry married Justin, a dude she’s known her whole life. But a few years earlier, Karalyn realized she was bisexual, finding herself attracted to both men and women. When she confessed these feelings to Justin, he didn’t shun her or get upset. Rather, he suggested they date a woman together and see how it goes.

With his support, this loving duo began chatting up other polyamorous-minded folks online and eventually, Karalyn met Lana. Sparks ignited and they couldn’t get enough of one another. Yet, as in all dramatic, romantic tales, the star-crossed lovers were separated by distance, preventing them from meeting face-to-face…

…until Karalyn’s wedding day. To Justin.

Did we mention Karalyn asked Lana to be a — wait for it — bridesmaid?

While it’s definitely not um, a traditional first-date set-up, it worked for this now poly-triad. Justin quickly grew fond of Lana (and vice versa) and this threesome decided to make it official post-nuptials. These days, Lana does live away from the couple but flies in frequently for visits, where they shack up together for a period of time. (And of course, take turns being the middle person in bed!)

In an interview with The Sun, Karalyn shared how happy the polyamorous relationship has made all three parties. “Seeing both of my partners together, holding hands, cuddling — it’s adorable, and I’m just so happy to see them so happy!” she raved.

Many people may raise an eyebrow or be confused about the dynamic of this relationship, but Karalyn is doing her best to raise awareness and clear any blinders via her YouTube channel. Here, she’ll talk about the haters sure, but she also encourages others to explore their own sexuality — and most importantly, not to judge one another for who they choose to sleep with or love.

If you’re curious, check out everything you need to know about polyamorous relationships— and if you feel empowered and discover that monogamy isn’t for you after all, check out our list of the Best Polyamorous Dating Sites


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