Woman Uses Photo Of Her Identical Twin in Her Dating Profile

Really, not the twins fantasy you were hoping for...


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For better — but mostly for worse — online dating has created a whole new world of dating dilemmas. Less like going on a magic carpet ride and more like hanging on to a speeding truck for dear life, the internet has becoming a place to making romantic connections and for sourcing advice about them. One Reddit user decided to post his — um, interesting — dating experience and source wisdom from digital strangers. Here’s what went down:

  • Boy and girl match on Tinder.
  • Boy swipes ‘yes’, girl does too, they start a conversation.
  • Bantering heats up and they decide to meet up for date number one.
  • Girl arrives and looks somewhat like her photos but on the heavier side.
  • Boy takes note of the difference but likes her just the same.
  • Boy finds it strange how she talks about her twin sister…
  • …so he goes on a freeclimb of her Facebook…
  • …and finds the photos she used on her Tinder profile were in fact… of her twin sister?!

Drama, drama, drama. Here’s the deal: even though all of the dating advice out there stresses being honest about what you look like and who you are, many people don’t take it. There are men who smudge their height a few inches, women who fake their age a few years, and those who won’t show any images of their body, for fear of not getting a single match. While it is rather common for people to use old photos when they’ve packed on pounds lately, it’s a whole other thing entirely when you technically catfish someone by choosing images that aren’t yours. Even if they are from within your family.

He took to Reddit to see if it was worth it to go on another date — not because she was overweight, but because she lied. Users gave all sorts of advice, but mostly were on team ‘don’t see her again.’

You are under no obligation to go on a second date. Period. Plus, she lied, and hid it. So, don’t fall into that type of relationship where it’s already based off lies. Good luck.”

‘If someone doesn’t feel weird stealing their sister’s pictures to get guys, I don’t think they will have issues later on with embellishing a few facts.”

“The end result is that you got catfished. Doesn’t really matter that it’s her twin, she’s using pictures of someone that isn’t her to get dates. However, I also think you should at least see where it goes? If you really like this girl then I think it’s worth seeing where this goes.”

Ultimately, he decided to send her a message asking her about why she used her sister’s photos, attempting to take the higher road and choose honesty and vulnerability. In response? Welp, she blocked him.

Moral of the story? Yep, we all judge on first dates. But starting off with the truth will bode much better in your favor.


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