Sex Survey Finds Women Are Disappointed By Junk—And Other Findings

A survey by British Condoms found interesting results about the sex lives of men and women in the United Kingdom.


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It’s the reason you likely open your friend’s medicine cabinet and poke around, or why you secretly wish your partner would give you their phone’s passcode. By nature, everyone’s a bit nosy — and this is especially true when discussing taboo topics. Or to get to the point: sex. From how often we get naked and bump uglies to the deepest, weirdest, wildest fantasies, there are certain questions you aren’t brave enough to ask your buddies. The good news is anonymous surveys on the internet allow you to get to the heart — er, the crotch — of your inquiries. In a recent poll of 10,000 people in the United Kingdom by British Condoms, folks revealed what’s happening behind closed doors. Their findings might surprise you — and could even boost your ego. Here, your x-rated dose of news for the day:

People aren’t having much sex.

If you and the Mrs (or the Ms of the hour) haven’t been getting rowdy much lately, don’t give yourself too hard of a time. Pun intended of course, since this survey found millennials are having sex twice a week, while those in the over-40 crowd barely have sex once a week, if at all. There are some bunnies in the outlier 18 to 21 group who claim they are active five times a week, who apparently, are making up for the rest of us.

The younger you are, the more sex partners.

Pause for a hot second and tally up how many sexual partners you’ve had. While you’re counting — and racking your brain for names — consider this: those who were the youngest in age in this survey had the most sex buddies. Blame it on the ever-popular and widely-accepted friends-with-benefit dynamic or a more open-minded approach to intercourse, but 78 percent of 18 to 21 year olds claimed six more more partners. This is a big leap from the other groups, who didn’t even get close to those digits.

Both sexes want to watch their partners gettin’ jiggy with it.

For every man (and woman) there’s a kink that makes them tick. Apparently, British folks are a fan of group sex they’re not participating in. Or perhaps, they are. Often called ‘cuckoldry’, 40 percent of those over the age of 38 want to watch their partner having sex with someone else in 2019. The survey didn’t get nitty-gritty on if they’d be part of the experience or merely be a voyeur—but we gotta believe it’s likely a mix of both.

There’s a lot of masturbation happening.

Your parents might not have been a fan of walking in on your as a teen when you explored your body, but now that you’re an adult, you can wank off whenever and however you’d like. If you want to keep up with the Brits though, you’ll need to start upping the ante, since 90 percent of dudes say they masturbate four times a week, while 20 percent stroke it out daily. Women aren’t far behind, with 15 percent touching themselves daily, and 71 percent claiming they masturbate three times a week.

More than a third of men watch porn daily.

As a way to get turned on or explore kinks they aren’t ready to share with their partners quite yet, the survey revealed around 38 percent of men watch porn daily. That number jumps sky-high to 74 percent when dudes are asked if they watch porn at least four times a week. This is a big difference compared to the 32 percent of the ladies who fall into the same ritual.

Women are probably disappointed by your dick pictures.

As if you need another reason not to be a creep, consider this: 82 percent of women are disappointed by the dick pictures they’re sent. Considering 88 percent of women surveyed were sent an X-rated image, this is a huge percentage, even if the package isn’t. So maybe… keep it in your pants: at least until a few dates have passed, eh?


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