Study Says Tinder Boosts D*$K Pick Tolerance

Don't everyone thank Tinder at once...


(Last Updated on June 3, 2019 by Datezie Editors)

Everyone remembers their first time.

Ya know, the first time they open their phone and are face-to-screen with a XXX photo of a penis, a pair of boobs, a bottom — or an image mixing all of those together. It’s shocking and yet, oddly fascinating. Since Tinder — and the whole world of thumb-frenzy swiping apps — have taken over digital dating, the likelihood of being sent an inappropriate photo has skyrocketed. In fact, you can pretty much bet that if you spend enough time choosing right or left, eventually, you too, will be awarded with a dick pic in your inbox.

Here’s what’s interesting though: after a while, it probably won’t faze you. At least, according to a recent study, connecting desensitivity and Tinder. Baris Sevi from West Virginia University studied 271 U.S.-based adults, of which 182 were Tinder users. He set out to answer a few questions: Do users and non-users differ in their risk taking and sexual disgust? Does low sexual disgust predict risk-taking and motivation to use Tinder? What differences are there between men and women, if any?

He presented participants with different situations — like that iconic dick pick or the idea of hearing people getting it on — and asked them to report on how gross it made them feel. Those who used Tinder weren’t put off as much as non-users, and they were more likely to say ‘yep’ to joining in on risky behaviors. These extended beyond the friends-with-benefits or hook-up culture and included other things, like drinking a lot or being reckless.

Completely desensitized to the old in and out…

Though definitely not a super-scientific deep dive, the research does suggest that if you’re on Tinder, you are more likely to engage in a steamy conversation. Or, even if that’s not your kink, you’re probably not going to be outraged by an inappropriate remark or an unwanted photo.

So should you pull down your pants and snap away? Negative. Remember, even if fellow Tinder users aren’t freaked out by overtly sexual interactions, consent is still sexy. And well, non-negotiable — no matter what survey says.


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