The Dating App That Hides Your Matches Face

...for a while anyway. 

Smore dating app

(Last Updated on February 24, 2020 by Datezie Editors)

There’s no way around it—digital dating accounts for at least one-fifth of all new relationships started today. But if you ask singles, they may refute this fact since it seems increasingly more difficult to hold the attention of matches in a world full of endless opportunities. Perhaps, what they’re looking for is something more? That’s what one new app thinks, which is why they named it S’More.

And no, you don’t need to buy marshmallows, graham crackers and a chocolate bar to be part of this community. You do, however, need to be willing to interact with someone’s profile before you see their face. That’s right: S’More is changing the way we pair up with people, encouraging them to focus more on actually getting to know someone’s personality before making a snap decision on their appearance. 

Now available in Boston, Washington D.C. and New York, here’s how their slow-dating approach works:

  • Every day you’ll receive recommend profiles based on S’More’s algorithm that takes into account passions, preferences and values, as well as your behavior on the app.
  • As you browse through these profiles, all photos will be blurred.
  • The more you engage and chat with the person, their photos slowly start to unblur. 
  • Private information (answers to some questions, including height and so on), will also gradually reveal themselves, too.

It’s definitely a different approach to the swiping lifestyle that many single-and-looking folks are used to—but it’s a much-needed change, if you ask Adam Cohen-Aslatei, the founder of S’More. 

“S’More was born out of the collective frustration that many people feel with the current crop of dating apps, and the associated superficial swipe culture that has taken hold,” he shared in a press release. “Dating is not a beauty contest, and while physical attraction is very important it’s only part of the love equation. S’More delivers on the full package.”

In addition to putting personality over looks, S’More also challenges users to be intentional about their chatting habits. In fact, you can only have a handful of open conversations at once, all meet to encourage deeper connection. Though it might seem like an impossible transformation to make from Tinder, the industry has high hopes for S’More, especially given Cohen-Aslatei’s background developing Chappy, Bumble’s gay dating app. In late 2019, S’More raised $1.1 million in funding, and will launch nationwide by April. 

Ready to test it out? Warm yourself up by the fire—and get ready to find S’More.


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