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Remember eons ago when you were in middle school? And holding hands was electrifying? Did you have your first kiss via an old fashioned game of ‘spin the bottle’? This kiss-and-tell concept has recently been modernized into a new dating app that’s mighty different than other contenders, like Tinder, Bumble and the rest of the pack. Founded last year, Spottle is an iPhone app that gets rid of the constant swiping, matching and chatting— and goes straight to the point. Here, how it works:

  • Every Thursday and Saturday at 9 p.m. EST, Spottle goes live. 
  • Once you log in, you can swipe your finger to give the bottle a spin. It’ll rotate around, just like in spin-the-bottle, before landing on a match.
  • When it stops, you will instantly be put into a 30-second video date. (That’s right, face-to-face!)
  • After you’ve had less than a minute—literally—to connect, you can choose to ‘give them a kiss’ to match with them and continue the conversation. If they smooch you back, it’s a match. 
  • From here, you can see their profile, send in-app messages, video chat and hopefully, set up drinks!

They first tested their theory via a beta experience, and now are excited to go live for their first ‘official’ live game on Thursday, February 13. Hopefully, this gives singles one last chance to make a date for Valentine’s Day. 

Because options are important to many singles, they also have various features—free, for now—that extend the conversation. These include ‘Freeze’ where you can instantly extend the conversation, as well as ‘Flick’ to remove someone from your matches. A ‘Direct Hit’ will ensure you will land on the person you want to, if there is someone who catches your eye. Right now though, you only get one spin twice a week—which takes a lot of pressure off of those who have busy lives to manage while looking for love. Simply add it to your calendar, open your app and log-in. (Psst: Android users can join in the fun later this year.)

Since video is often considered the next step in online dating, as more and more users grow weary of chit-chatting that goes nowhere, Spottle is hoping to hop on the trend before it goes viral. How about you? Are you brave enough to see someone face-to-face… now-ish?


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