Yep, You’ve Probably Been Foodie Called

Check, please.

Foodie Call Study

(Last Updated on August 13, 2019 by Datezie Editors)

Have you ever been sitting across from a random gal you met on a dating app, trying to decipher if she’s listening to you? Or if she’s interested in you at all? Worst of all: if she’s there to get to know you — or for the free meal ticket? A recent study is the bearer of the bad news and confirms nearly one in four women will agree to a date to, well, eat. 

Researchers from Azusa Pacific University and University of California-Merced are calling this (not-so-new) trend a “foodie call” and describes the intention of a single woman on the lookout for a way to eat on a very deceiving budget. 

To arrive at this conduction, they recruited 820 women to answer a variety of questions in an attempt to analyze their personality traits, gender role beliefs and history with “foodie calling.” In the first group, 23 percent — or almost one-fourth — admitted they were guilty of taking advantage of a man for noms. “Most did so occasionally or rarely. Although women who had engaged in a foodie call believed it was more acceptable, most women believed ‘foodie calls’ were extremely to moderately unacceptable,” the study shared. 

To further give credit to their research, they asked similar questions to 357 women who identified as heterosexual. Of these ladies, 33 percent claimed they were guilty of the infamous “foodie call” — even if thought it wasn’t a nice act to play.

There’s no real solution for avoiding this type of deception, since lying is unfortunately a sad reality of all dating situations. However, experts usually suggest something more casual for a first date — say coffee, a round of cocktails or even a walk through the park with ice cream. This not only gives you time to chat and get to know each other (without taking a moment to chew?) — but it also saves a guy a pretty penny if his date isn’t sincere. 

Or, ya know, apparently, just really hungry.


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