Um, There’s Now a Dating App For Men With Small Penises 

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

dinky one dating app

(Last Updated on March 19, 2020 by Datezie Editors)

There’s a reason why so many people breathe a sigh of relief when they finally meet someone they can tolerate forever and ever (amen). Many argue that while online dating has opened up a whole new pool of singles, it’s also caused a ‘grass is always greener’ syndrome, that leaves people always wondering what else is out there. And for dudes who are on the smaller side in terms of penis length, things can become dicey when it’s time to become intimate with a new partner. Though many men can be embarrassed about their size, there is a new dating app out there hoping to create a community for small penises. 

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

Introducing, Dinky One, a dating app for men who have a penis that is 5.5 inches—or shorter. Their hope is to help men feel less ashamed of the junk they’ve been dealt by already getting that awkward conversation out of the way. If they’re part of this app, they’ve already admitted their length, so matches know exactly what to expect. According to their site, there is a huge misconception on penis size, since it’s often blown out of proportion (literally) in mainstream media and porn. “Remember that 50 percent of the male population will have a penis less than average size. That’s 50 percent of the men in your university, the office, a night club, the train,” they write. “You are certainly not alone and 100 percent of the men on this site are less than average. Also remember, men often like to exaggerate. If you hear someone saying they are 7 inches it generally means 6 or 6.5 at best.”

Additionally, they are targeting men who have a micropenis, which is defined as 3.2 inches when erect. The big question (or is it the small question?)—that many men struggle with is figuring out what woman would want to date them if they can’t deliver in the same way. Lots of ladies, apparently, since they recently reported 30,000 members, with 27 percent identifying as female. “Just as there are men that are smaller than average, there are women who are also smaller than average. They can often find sexual intercourse painful. There are also women who have a fetish interest in small guys, often they play a dominant role,” they write on their site.

If you’re part of the LGBTQ community, you’ll be glad to know this site is friendly to gay or trans men, as well. To help make joining easier—and less intimidating—since you’re putting yourself as a dude with a small penis—profiles can be anonymous. The only information required to join is an email address, and all photos are optional. You can download the app on your iPhone or chat via desktop. 

Though it may seem like an odd concept for a dating app, it does help to take the stigma away from this common male insecurity. Especially as women have made strides in the body-positivity movement—why shouldn’t men do the same?



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