If Your Penis is 5.5 Inches or Longer, You Need to Read This

It's big, big news.

BIG One Dating App

(Last Updated on October 23, 2022 by Datezie Editors)

Not so long ago, the news of an app for men with—ahem—smaller packages went viral. After all, penis size is something men and women alike think about, but it’s not exactly something that’s openly discussed. Since Dinky Dating sparked the conversation, the founder of the company, David Minns, decided to go to another extreme. You guessed it: a dating community all about dudes who have larger than normal penises.

Appropriately named ‘BIG One‘, dudes qualify if they are longer than 5.5 inches when erect. Though that may not seem oversized to you, it’s actually the global average for appendages. In an interview, Mann shared the immense success of Dinky Dating—70,000 members and counting—inspired him to create a platform with those who are #blessed.

“The majority of feedback I received from Dinky One was men excited to see a platform that had never been done before. Pre-launch comments for BIG One are primarily women, looking to date without being concerned about size. Both sites complete the set,” Mann continued in the Metro interview. “It will be interesting to see, which becomes the most popular over the coming months/years.”

Though there is no, well, screening process to ensure men aren’t lying about their package, just because it’s big doesn’t mean it’s preferred. According to at least one study, women desired a larger penis for a one-time hook-up but wanted something more manageable—around the 5-inch mark—for a long-term partner. And rather than just focusing on length, many ladies were more concerned with circumference, which felt more enjoyable to them. So in the end, BIG One may be more oriented towards attracting women who want a dating site to hook up vs a dating site for marriage.

And as Sex & the City depicted when Samantha attempted to date Mr. Too Big, there is such a thing as being so giant; it’s a deal-breaker. This site could potentially give a safe space for these dudes to discuss these issues and possibly, find ladies who will take it slow and create intimate connections. 

If you’re among this cohort, consider signing up for BIG One or Dinky Dating, dependent on your size or your size preferences. They’re open to every gender and sexuality, and users choose to upload an X-rated picture of their below-the-belt situation or not. 

Learn more about BIG One here


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