Bald Dating App Helps The Follicly Challenged Find Love

A hair-brained dating app hopes to help an under-served part of the population

Bald Dating App
Bald Dating App

(Last Updated on April 11, 2021 by Datezie Editors)

Not to split hairs, but it seems like every other week a new niche dating site or hookup app is being launched somewhere, appealing to a specific sub-section of humanity. This time, an app that helps bald men find matches (OR helps women who like sexy smoothness of a hairless head– and believe us, these women exist, hello Acomophilia).

According to the infinite crowd knowledge of Wikipedia, 50% of men over 50 experience some male pattern baldness. and its safe to say a lot of guys feel pretty self-concious about their lack of lettuce up top.

David Minns, the founder of Bald Dating App, is no stranger to niche dating apps, particularly those that cater to male insecurities. He is also the founder of Dinky One, a dating app that caters to men with smaller-than-average penises and the women that prefer them (or could care less). Minns also plays the other side of that coin with Big One dating app (for the above average, which is probably self explanatory) We’ve covered them both on Datezie.

Minns created the app after hearing stories about “Hatfishing” (not to be mistaken for catfishing), where men conceal their hair status by wearing hats on dating apps in order to avoid being rejected outright.

‘Having virtually no hair doesn’t bother me in the slightest except getting a bit cold in the winter and sunburnt in the summer,’ said Minns in an interview with The Daily Mail ‘However, for some men it can be a real issue.’

The Bald Dating app is open to anyone who is bald or has thinning hair and those who prefer their potential mates that way. Photos on the app are not mandatory (though you can add up to nine), and users are able to contact other users immediately (no swiping) based on location, age, gender, sexuality, and descriptions personal interests.

If you are bald, balding or an admirer of bald, download The Bald Dating App today, likely the best dating app for bald men available today (as we are not sure that there are others).


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