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  • Number of Members: No public information available
  • Founded: 2011
  • Countries Available:Thirty major cities within the United States and Canada for now, including New York City, Boston, DC, Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
  • Men/Women Ratio: No public information available
  • PriceFree to join, and three-month package start at $1,500.

Matchmaking has been a tried-and-tested way to meet the right person. Whether it’s your ever-connected godmother who knows the perfect mate for you or your best friend who is always pairing you up with people, those who know you best can sometimes be the most effective judge of who you should date. That’s why some folks have taken their cupid skills to the next level, professionally offering services that pair together individuals based on their interests, values and future goals. This service has historically been reserved for the wealthy, considering matchmakers definitely don’t run cheap, with monthly retainers in the thousands. The average person isn’t able to afford such a luxury cost, all in the pursuit love. That is, until now: Tawkify has made history as the first dating website and service to streamline matchmaking—and make it more affordable. With the belief that those who have an eye for chemistry are better suited at sourcing love, then say, a swiping app, the founders claim an 80 percent success rate, and guarantee at least one date a month. Though it does cost a few hundred dollars a month, for those who have tried and everything and are still #single—the investment could result in a lifelong partnership.

If you’re intrigued enough—and ready for the real deal—here’s what you need to know about Tawkify.

How to Sign Up With Tawkify:

By visiting their website, you can get started for free today. You’ll fill out basic information—who you are, what you’re looking for, where you’re located—and add an image, and you’re set. This doesn’t mean a fairy godmother will deliver the love of your life to your door right away though. After you add your email address and log-in information, you must choose your approach. Here, you have two options: become a matchmaking client or select a Matchable Membership. What’s the difference? You’ll pay the monthly cost and have a personal matchmaker with the former, while the latter simply adds you to the pool of eligibles, giving you a shot to be matched with a paying client.

From here, Tawkify approves all profiles via humans, not computers, so it could take a week or so for someone to get in touch with you. Since they don’t charge you until you become a member, this seems like a reasonable timeframe. If you are welcomed into the community, you’ll be paired up with a matchmaker whose sole duty is to be on the man (or woman)hunt for your partner. You’ll have a personal phone call or video chat with your matchmaker, where he or she will ask you a slew of important questions, hoping to understand everything he or she needs to know about what matters to you within a relationship. Then, it’s a waiting game as your matchmaker works his or her magic and delivers a date a month.

What to Expect With Tawkify

Since it’s nothing like those dating apps you’ve been using, the experience on Tawkify will be vastly different than you’ve had before. Since there is little for you to do other than complete a profile, have a conversation and wait, you could be at a loss for what to do. Don’t worry, you’re not alone—and Tawkify definitely comes with pros and cons. Here, to name a few.

Pro: It’s real people matchmaking you.

No matter if you join Match, eHarmony, Hinge or any other digital destination in the big ‘ole world of dating, an algorithm is responsible for recommending matches to you. That, and your thumbs, as you page through profiles. This is the most obvious area where Tawkify is different: it’s based more on human interaction. As psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas Ph.D. explains, many singles will feel a more personal touch with this type of matching. “The matchmakers get to know each member and can hand-pick who they feel would be compatible and of interest to another member,” she continues. This gives you the opportunity to give feedback in real time and to cultivate more specialized pairings.

Pro: It’s not just one matchmaker.

With traditional matchmaking services, there is a single person who handles all pairings. Though it’s a skill that’s underrated and is fully dependent on a rolodex of single folks, Tawkify has a team of more than 100 matchmakers throughout two countries (and even those who travel remotely) who work together. This gives you just not one head, but many, and as they saying goes, that’s better for your odds. “Tawkify doesn’t rely on its matchmakers’ perceptions only, but also incorporates information from each member’s personal profile and photo. So, the matches are coming from a blend of the matchmakers’ perceptions and experience as well as personal information coming directly from the members,” she explains.

This means your matchmaker could be Jill, but Janet sees your profile and knows you’re perfect for her client, and bam—a match.

Pro: They claim an 80 percent success rate.

And if you don’t find at least a handful of dates you like or a relationship? You can make a case for bargaining your money back. Of course, there is never a guarantee of marriage, but because a matchmaker works month after month to understand your hopes, dreams, dislikes and loves, you’re in much better shape to meet someone special than left to your own devices. Considering they’ve been around for many years and still brag about an 80 percent success rate after working with clients for six months to a year, those are some great betting odds.

Con: You don’t have control of anything.

And by anything, we mean anything. There’s no browsing experience for this dating site. You can of course access your matchmaker and your own profile, but you can’t see anything else. Dr. Thomas says for those are used to a hands-on approach to dating, the switch can be frustrating. “This can be difficult for some people who want to make sure he or she is ‘attracted’ physically or otherwise to the person with whom he or she may be matched up,” she continues.

Con: You might set unrealistic expectations.

Hey, we all have them when dreaming up the idealistic man or woman who we will share our lives with one day. But, with matchmaking, there tends to be an even higher expectations since you’re paying a premium for a catered service. After you invest the time and money, you might believe your absolute perfect person, checking off each box, will be delivered to you on a shiny platter, but that’s not always the case. And you’ll blame your matchmaker for bias or for not listening to your requests. This is common, and not something everyone is okay with adjusting to.

Con: It can take time.

…and of course, time means money with a subscription service. That high success rate has an important caveat: after working together for six to 12 months. A matchmaker has to send you out on a few dates so he or she can get your feedback and edit their approach to get closer to your perfect person. Ideally, we’d all be matched right away in the first month with our soulmate, but this process takes more time than traditional dating apps, perhaps not making it the best choice for those with little to no patience.

What Users Are Saying

So have folks really found love? Here, we let the reviews talk for themselves.

Overall my matchmaker was in touch and listened to my requests. I do feel that my first match was not even close to whom I was looking for. Four out of the six men were great guys and I think she was pretty much on point. Unfortunately I didn’t make the connection I was hoping to make with them.”
“Engaged in the process and very supportive. Great listener and able to work quickly with input/feedback given on dates. Was a great experience to have as a partner in the process.”
“My matchmaker was very professional, easy to talk to and understanding. She took the time to make me feel more at ease with the blind dating process and provided me with helpful feedback about my dates and about dating in general. She was always quick to respond to any concerns I had. I highly recommend her!!”

Tips For Success

Now that you’ve swiped, messaged, met up and failed—are you ready to bring in a professional? Here, some tips to follow to get the most out of Tawkify.

Give it a real chance.

Just like your friends tell you not to rule off of someone based off of one little characteristic, Dr. Thomas urges users to allow Tawkify to work for them in the way it was deliberately designed by taking a step back and enjoying the process. “Let the matchmaker be in charge, although certainly chime in with some input when you have something helpful to say.” she continues. If you try to control too much, you’ll end up empty-handed.

Be patient.

The worst word ever for some people, but Dr. Thomas says it can make or break your experience, causing you to throw in the towel before you really should. “Remember that the matchmaking is not a perfect science and that the matchmaker probably will need to do some trial and error matches at first to better understand and narrow down what kind of matches would be best for you,” she explains.

Be honest and clear.

With your dates for sure—but also with your matchmaker from the start. Otherwise, Dr. Thomas explains he or she won’t be able to pair you up effectively. “Be honest and clear about who you are and what you are looking for in a match so that your personal profile, photo, and any feedback you give your matchmaker gives him or her an accurate impression of the real you and what kind of significant other he or her is supposed to be seeking out for you,” she continues. “The bottom line is the better you help the matchmaker understand you and the partner you are looking for, the better the matchmaker can be equipped to help you.”

Visit Tawkify

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  1. I’ve been working with my matchmaker for the past few months. The dates have been awful- from the locations, to the men. One man was looking to move across the country. Another didn’t want children and didn’t eat gluten, meat, sugar, dairy, and didn’t drink (and we were sent to a French bistro!). And the third man looked to be 60-65 (I am 39), was never married, had no kids, didn’t care hat his dog died, and spent our conversation digging into questions about my ex husband and why my marriage didn’t work out. I have spent the past few months requesting a refund for the package I bought (I paid for 12 months and was meant to get 9 months back) and nobody is responding. My emails and calls get ignored. This is a total scam and a complete waste of money. My dates on tinder, CMB, The League, and Bumble have all been leaps and bounds better. Don’t waste your time and money on this con.

  2. I got the Tawkify membership on Saturday Nov 16. Met someone else through my friends that weekend. And Guess what Tawkify does not have CONTACT US page on their website, BIG BIG RED FLAG, i really wish i had never bought their service.
    So i googled to find out their contact numbers, saw many many negative reviews, found the customer service phone number which is always unreachable,i tried for 4 days continuously, it always goes to voicemail, BIG BIG FRAUD, RED FLAG, BE CAUTIOUS, BE ALERT.
    DON’T FALL for TAWKIFY. finally found their email id from google, the email id mentioned on their blog website does not work, my email got bounced back saying it does not exist, WHAT A CRAPPY WEBSITE.
    So the email id which i found from google worked, i sent them email, lot of emails back and forth.
    Now they are not refunding my money.
    STAY AWAY from these SCAMMERS.
    PEOPLE PLEASE DON’T JOIN TAWKIFY. They are just out there to steal your money.

    Dallas, Texas


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