Weed is Fine For Relationships, So Long As You Are Both On The Trip

The couple that smokes together…


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In case you’ve been zoning out of the internet lately, you probably should know that a big holiday is coming up. Nope, not Easter. Not Passover. But — wait for it — 4/20. Potheads, stoners and recreational puffers all rejoice on April 20, the day reserved to celebrate the Earth… but also encourage the further legalization of marijuana.

Truth be told, there’s never been a more viral time for weed, especially as more states allow sales of CBD — cannabidiol — products. Some are even going the more radical route (and following in the footsteps of Canada and The Netherlands) and allowing THC-enriched goods too, which as a refresher is tetrahydrocannabinol and is responsible for that ‘high’ feeling when you smoke.

There are plenty of scientifically-proven benefits that suggest various uses for marijuana, hemp and CBD — from inducing sleep, relieving stress and fighting inflammation. If you are a proud weed fan though, it’s important to swipe right on someone who shares your passion. How come? Couples who get high together do in fact, stay together — but only if it’s a shared habit.

As one study indicated, relationships where only one partner is an avid smoker are less fulfilling for both parties. And, they could experience increased anger, dissatisfaction, withdrawal and other not-so-rosy behaviors. This could partly be due to resentment or annoyance, or just a mismatch on interests and an inability to communicate.

In other words: don’t date someone who isn’t pro-weed if you are. And if you always cough when you light up, or in general, you don’t enjoy the experience, you probably don’t want to invest in someone who makes it a daily habit.

Think about it: if you’re floating on cloud nine and your partner is trying to have a serious chat — you’re not exactly in the state of mind to be an active listener. Or, if the tables are turned, you’d be pretty pissed if your gal was lighting one up instead of giving you attention after a long day.

If you’re drug-free and prefer to date those who are too, you can still celebrate 4/20 by giving CBD lube a go. Yep, you read that right: there’s now lube made of hemp that’s meant to desensitize guys, helping them to relax and last longer. For women, it could also alleviate some pressure, so they can reach orgasm faster. Those who aren’t allergy-prone can try out this one or this one, but be warned there’s little research into this family of personal lubricants.


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