We Bet You Didn’t Know There Were Words For These Dating Trends

Instagrandstanding, huh?


(Last Updated on March 14, 2019 by Datezie Editors)

It’s true: couples speak a language all of their own (that’s pretty sickening for singles to hear). But it’s also true that when you’re new to the dating scene after ending a long relationship, you might wish for a translator app to decipher the terminology that’s recently become viral. While you probably already know about ghosting or catfishing, but what about Instagrandstanding or Banksying? As finding love becomes more digital, and more people are open about the struggles of sourcing a solid relationship in modern day—definitions are born out of the basic need to label something. In celebration of a new lap around the sun—and addressing the need for cliff notes, please—Buzzfeed recently rounded up 2019 dating trends that you definitely should master before you dive into an app. We’ve listed some of our favorites below, but make sure to check back with our dating glossary for everything you need to download—er, know.


Nah, you’re not ordering a skim latte at Starbucks, but rather you’re practicing the recently trendy art of gratitude. Once a relationship has come to an end, you’re supposed be grande-ing, where you express thankfulness for the experience and release any negativity that could rear its ugly head. Basically, be Ariana Grande. (Get it?)


You’re totally guilty of this—so don’t try to fake it. When there’s a special someone you’re interested in (or an ex from your past who you still hold a candle for), you upgrade your Instagram story with them in mind. And then of course, you go and check to see if they’ve watched it. Pretty face filter, anyone?


You’ve been together a while-ish. It’s going great-ish. You’re smitten-ish. You’re ready-ish to move to the next stage… ish? This term explains when it’s cost-effective to move in together, but you may or may not be at the point in your relationship where you’re emotionally stable. Just try not to sign a lease, k?


Wait…are you the vulture or the carcass? Both?

Ego is usually the toughest pill to swallow for anyone—and especially when you get the sense someone is about to pack their bags and hit the road, Jack. Instead of allowing them to break up with you, you swoop in, woo them all over again because you can’t bare the thought of losing them. Call it crazy, but it’s basically the modern version of ‘you never know what you have until it’s—almost—gone.’


They like cheese, you like cheese. They’ve been to Canada—you’ve been to Canada! Finding common interest with a potential suitor is a fun game of ‘me too’—until you find something that’s a total no-go. Perhaps it’s the fact they don’t like to travel, or they’re 35 and still live with their mother. Whatever the case, when you say buh-bye, you’re you-turning.


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