Disney Fans More Likely To Find a Fairytale Romance Online



(Last Updated on June 3, 2019 by Datezie Editors)

The internet can show you the world: shining, shimmering, splendid singles awaiting your swipe. That is, if you are a fan of Mickey and Minnie. Aladdin and Jasmine. Snow White and the Prince Charming. Ariel and Prince Eric. Beauty and the Beast. Or any other of the many, many beloved characters to come from the masterminds at Disney. Perhaps it’s the perpetual belief in one true love that makes Disney fans so desirable, since a study from Plenty of Fish put the odds in their favor.

After analyzing seven million profiles, the dating site discovered that those who express an interest in Disney are 3.6 times more likely to find a relationship. This is compared to those users who may report they generally dig movies and TV shows, but don’t get specific.

In fact, POF shared that female Disney fans are 25 percent more likely to receive matches, while male Disney fanatics are 11 percent more likely.

Though POF didn’t go into too much detail, there is a bit of no-duh logic here: mutual interest — in anything — is an instant way to foster chemistry and connection. No matter if you known every line to every classic Disney film or you like to go snowboarding every weekend in the winter, shared hobbies and pastimes make it easier to get to know one another.

POF isn’t a dating destination for Cinderellas and the charmers who may carry their glass slipper — but like other dating apps, it’s a way to sort through matches in your area efficiently. But ya gotta put in the effort.

Maybe you’ve only been to a Disney theme park once, or — gasp! — you haven’t seen a film since you were a kid. That’s okay — there’s still a lesson to be learned: talk about what you like. And not just on the surface level, but the nitty-gritty specifics.

If you’re seeking something serious (and not just a little somethin’ somethin’ for the night), it’s important to get detailed on your profile. Sure, you like to cook — but what types of food? You are always looking for opportunities to travel — but what’s next on your list? You enjoy working out — but you hit up the gym or choose a slow-flow yoga class? The more information you provide from the get-go, the more likely you will be to receive quality pick-up-lines and matches.

As Cinderelly would put it these days: A dream is a match your thumb makes.


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