Want Someone to Analyze Your Texts? There’s An App For That

Um, finally! 

Mei dating app

(Last Updated on September 20, 2019 by Datezie Editors)

Is there anything more stressful or exhausting than attempting to read the messages hidden between two blue iPhone lines? If you’re single, seeing someone you really (really) like — every single text brings a hefty load of promise and rampant confusion. Did the emoji mean they’re crazy about you — or just want to bang you? Are the ‘xoxo’ telling of a romantic future… or just their sign off? Many folks are guilty of sending countless screenshots to friends and obsessing over every last word. But now? You guessed it: there’s an app for that.

Enter: Mei. Launched last week, will take a look at the convo heating up between you and your could-be-next-girlfriend-or-boyfriend and let you know if they’re hot and heavy for you. How’s it work? Here, the scoop:

By synching the app with your messaging — the app uses its algorithm to detect good and bad signs of flirtation. There are limitations: you can only use WhatsApp (because iMessage doesn’t allow for conversations to be exported) and your match must send at least 500 words for the data to be effective. Each analysis will also cost you $8.99 — so you want to be picky about how many times you ask for outside advice. At the end, you’ll be given a percentage that shows how likely it is that your texting buddy is on the same page that you are. 

Does it work though? One writer for Cosmo tested the service — and was shocked at its usefulness. She put it through the ringer: testing a convo between her and her best friend (ripe with hearts and loving messages, btw) only garnered a 9 percent chance the relationship was romantic. She then ran a conversation between her and her boyfriend through the service, only to figure out they weren’t communicating effectively, with a 32 percent of it working out. 

The app, come to find out, new her relationship was on the outs before she did. “He always texted me first thing in the morning and throughout the day, didn’t believe in having any shame when it came to double texting, and was constantly sending hearts and asking how I was,” the writer wrote. “I thought nothing of the 32 percent until after we broke up a few weeks later and he confessed that he’d actually been dating someone else the whole time I was away on vacation.”

If you want the skinny on the promise of a new relationship, try out the service for yourself. After all, $9 is cheaper than going out for another round of drinks with someone who isn’t worth your time. 


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