30 Relationship Memes That Are So Relatable, It Hurts


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There’s a reason relationship memes go viral: no matter if you’re single, divorced, married, engaged or somewhere in between ‘em all, they’re incredibly relatable. Most of these one-to-two liners sum up the fight you last had with your partner, the date you went on that went sour fast or the painful conversation you had with your mom about why you’re, yes, still looking for the right person. As relationship memes have grown exponentially in popularity, Instagrammers have taken note, starting accounts that linger in the millions. So, why are they so trendy? Consider these memes the digital equivalent of a sarcastic and pun-filled greeting card, where you’re able to send the right message to your pal who is dealing with a breakup, annoyed with her husband or wondering when the marriage-and-baby tango will finally give them a whirl. If you’re looking for the right phrase to make you feel better or to inspire a hearty chuckle in your best pal, scroll through these for relationship memes so relatable… it hurts.

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For the Singles Club….

As the age of marriage continues to creep toward the 30s, more and more folks are finding themselves submerged in the trenches of endless swiping and lacklustre happy hours. When good dates are few and far between, and when hope is hard to come by, consider these relationship memes that will make you (or your friend) feel less alone.

Flirt Alert

Keep your eye on the prize—and try not to stumble…


It’s a desert out there. Don’t let the tumbleweeds trip you up…

Um, What?

Repeat after us: you’re not alone. Phone a friend ASAP…

Netflix and…?

Go ahead and change your Facebook relationship status…

Pony Up

Take a deep breath, chug a little… and go!

Silver Lining-ish

Cat’s out of the bag. But maybe he should go back in.

Chandler Knows Best

Go on, let it out. Let it all out.

DM to Your BFF

Maybe there’s a group discount at the retirement home?

Ya Got This

And yep, it’ll come in time. They say, anyway.

Holiday Card Inspo

Extra postage not required.

For the LTR: Long Term Relationships

Now that it’s been a few years of #goingstrong, you’ve definitely discovered what you adore about your partner. And what you could live without. Here, some memes that get it just right.

Tissues, Please

Maybe distance does make the heart grow fonder.

What’s For Dinner?

Italian, Chinese, pizza, Americano… whatever-o.

Novice FBI Agent

Shhh. He’ll never know.

Sweet Dreams

Will. You. Please. Be. Quiet. Also, ILY.

Space But Not too Much

Leave me alone… but not really, k?

Guns Blazing

All couples fight… right?

Secret Keeper

You won’t believe what you definitely didn’t hear.

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Room For Two-Ish

Perhaps sharing a bed should be an Olympic sport?

Hanger Much?

When in doubt, pizza is the answer.


How you know it’s real love.

Marriage Memes

Does marriage really change everything? Ask happy couples and they’ll say ‘yes’ and ‘no’: your connection remains strong, but you have a new sense of commitment toward one another. Even though you promised ‘until death do you part’—that doesn’t mean you don’t want to kill ‘em from time-to-time. These relationship memes speak the truth.

Aphrodisiac X 10

Get ready, hubs.

Friends For Life

…and lovers too. But only occasionally.

Don’t Look Up

Every day presents a new sunrise… and complaint?

‘Tis the Season

That’s one way to pass the hours.

Mr. Sniffles

Forward to your friends who must be nurses twice a year.

Donde Esta?

No clothing was harmed in the making of this meme. Husbands, questionable though.

Just Keep Silent

Might we suggest scrolling through Instagram instead?

Happy-ish Hour

But the therapist said we needed to date one another, dear.

Safety First

Settle in for a long drive, buddy. Buckle up.

Golden Globes Nominee

We suggest adding in a few compliments, too.


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